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Author-Base FAQ

What This Site Is About is a directory of writers and publishers where writers can register for free in order to promote their writing services.

Authors: This site is essentially an author database. Authors can provide their bio, contact information, rates, and links to examples of their writing as well as detailed information regarding their areas of expertise.

Publishers: Publishers, and anyone else looking for great content, can register and pay a small fee to gain full access to the author database and to find writers with the required expertise.

Questions from Authors

Q: What information do I need to include in my profile?
A: You should include all the information that publishers need to contact you. Only your name, picture, bio and areas of expertise are displayed to the general public. Other contact and social media information is only displayed to Publishers with a paid membership.

Q: How do I select my areas of expertise?
A: Once you register you can click on the "Edit Author Profile" link and then check the boxes of the categories and sub-categories that apply to you.

Questions from Publishers

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